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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the difference between a Los Angeles public adjuster from Ace Public Adjusters and the loss adjuster that works for my insurance company? Don’t you both do the same things?
  2. What can I expect when working with a public adjuster from Ace Public Adjusters?
  3. How do I know if my California insurance claim could benefit from your public adjusting service?
  4. When is it appropriate to hire a public adjuster?
  5. My house was severely damaged by a storm and I don’t have time to deal with the insurance as my job requires extensive travel. Can a public adjuster help?
  6. The insurance company sent an adjuster out to inspect the damage from a recent windstorm. Despite significant storm and roof damage, he didn’t do much. He didn’t even go up on the roof. I’m afraid the settlement will be way too low because of the quick inspection. Can a public adjuster help?
  7. What if I use a public adjuster and the insurance company denies the claim?
  8. When is the best time to get a California public insurance adjuster involved in a property damage claim?

While it may seem that your LA public adjuster is duplicating the efforts of your insurance company’s adjuster, there’s an important difference between these two insurance claims professionals: the employer. Remember, your LA public adjuster, who is licensed by California’s Department of Insurance, works for you with a goal of obtaining the settlement that you are entitled to. The insurance company’s adjuster works for the insurance company and could be less interested in obtaining the largest settlement possible.

Respect, peace of mind, accuracy, thoroughness, and advocacy. That’s the short list. We serve as advocates for the insured and work diligently to represent your best interests throughout the California insurance claims process.

We offer a free insurance claim review. After reviewing your policy and claim details, we should be able to tell you how we can help and how you can benefit. You are under no obligation to use our service after the review.

Public insurance adjusters exist to serve policyholders and protect them from unfair insurance practices. If you feel as though you’re getting the runaround, estimates seem too low, the damage is extensive, damage assessments are rushed, the policy is too complicated, or you don’t understand the process, hiring a public adjuster in California is an excellent decision. We take the burden off of you and make sure that your insurance company adheres to its part of the bargain.

Absolutely. We can handle all aspects of your California home insurance claim, freeing you from the hassles and providing you with the added peace of mind that nothing will be overlooked.

This cursory inspection illustrates an important policy provision that many policyholders are unaware of: the duty of loss. It’s YOUR duty to submit your losses to the insurance company; it’s not the insurance company’s role to find all of the damage. By having a CA public adjuster working on your claim, you can fulfill this important duty. Ace Public Adjusters takes a proactive role in damage assessments – we look for all of your losses and submit a detailed inventory for compensation to your insurance company. If it means we must go up on the roof to find the damage, we will.

The California Department of Insurance regulates public adjusters and how they can charge for services. California public adjusters are paid a small, predetermined percentage of the final settlement only if a settlement is reached. If a public adjuster’s efforts do not result in a settlement, you pay nothing. With Ace Public Adjusters on your side, you have nothing to risk and much to gain!

The sooner the better. Not only can a public adjuster relieve you of the burden of proving your insurance losses and filling out claims forms, the sooner we get involved the better we can document your losses. For example, if your home and belongings have been severely water damaged, it’s much easier to document and validate massive losses before waterlogged debris has been hauled away. Plus, a public adjuster immediately springs into action to mitigate losses and can quickly determine whether your policy provides for temporary living expenses.